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“I’m Putting The Truth on Trial.”

The X-Files S09E19 36:25 > 37:40

Mr. X (voice only) “Get up.” Mulder “Who’s that? Who’s there?!… (Mr. X comes into frame)… What are you doing here?” Mr. X “That’s what I’m here to ask you.” Mulder “I’m putting the truth on trial.” Mr. X “What truth?… Who’s truth?… You think these men will even hear it?” Mulder “They’re afraid to hear it.” Mr. X “They’re not afraid… They have to much power to be afraid, you’re going to learn that just like I did… You’ll die learning it.” Mulder “I’m not afraid of that.” Mr. X “There’s a truth even you’re afraid to speak now, because you know it’s futile.” Mulder “No because I refuse to accept.” Mr. X “Then you’re going to need help.” Mulder “How can you possibly help me?” Mr. X (Mr. X gives Mulder the note of help)


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