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determinism (determination):

Determinism is going to be the most difficult thing to evaluate in this body of text. However vague my impression or understanding of it is should not keep me from mentioning it. Determinism is the thought that our lives are under the control of factors that are being played out, and will be played out regardless of our intentions. Of course this explanation does Determinism more harm than good. I cannot explain it, or is it that determinism gets in the way of me explaining it, as I am not in control of its explanation. I am not in control. This is probably the most important thing to note. I consider myself something of a tool for other things that need me to afford them the opportunity to express themselves. I have come to this under the spell of people like Baruch Spinoza, and Gille Deleuze (via Manuel De Landa), materialist philosophy, and finally the scientific research on readiness potential, which states that our decision making process is actually defined before we make the decision: we only have the veto power to say yes or no to two different choices that the decision making process provides us. I leave out “who” is in charge of the decision making process because I do not believe anyone, or any-one-thing to be in charge of this.

See also: Belief, Materialism

(( Screen captures are like determinism. As you work at your computer, you read, you write, you create imagery. Sometimes you do this with diligence, other times you create imagery as a result of navigating too many windows and mixing to many programs. What happens is that you develop a visual without intention. And, in those rare moments it is up to you to choose, do you save your document, or do you crop into several documents that your time has suddenly compiled together? ))


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