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Hermeneutic Circles (by jreidko)

Any proposition that requires interpretation contains within it the process of coming to an understanding of the proposition in relation to things we already know. This process of making comparisons is at the heart of how we think. Having only recently discovered the codification of this area of study and philosophy i have been amazed at how quickly applicable it has become for me.

As happens from time to time i might simply survey random art and design with no purpose other than bathing a bit in novelty. The photo below seemed to me very interesting and yet so abstract was it from the context of things that i know that my initial reaction was not to try very hard at all, but to simply "like" it. Yet the photo is very much a single word in a sentence that the documentary photographer Reinaldo Loureiro constructed to interpret how "the mass-production of vegetables for northern European markets has dramatically shaped the landscape of [Southeast Spain]" one of the worlds largest concentrations of plastic greenhouses.

A Hermeneutic circle is an example of how they (the people who would probably say i've got this all wrong) explain how when a person reads a sentence they must both interpret each word but then also go back and reinterpret each word as part of that sentence. While words make up sentences they themselves often require the whole sentence for their own definitions, i.e. "The sleek black bat sailed high up into the sky finally landing at the feet of the batter"

For the full sentence which contains the word below click here.


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Reinaldo tomato.