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Cactus at Apple Valley (from slide)

Blurred by low-light, a shaking camera, a shaking shutter, the cactus in this image sits basking in the late day's sun. As the light dips beyond the horizon of the desert an intense red vibrates in the distance, like the highly focused lamp projecting through the very film itself which rendered this picture-anew. The deepening black silhouettes our elderly cactus and brings to the foreground a certain understanding of the desert terrain which lays foundation for such life to root. Detritus in the form of dust, and the film's decayed water-marks, reveal the second life that this moment carried, from desert - to film - from past - to present.

(Rummaging through slides looking for images that do not present themselves in an immediate manner, this image in particular presented itself. Having looked through many transparencies I began to wonder if there is a closeness between the old and new photo formats? Positive transparency film and digital imagery. Slides [slide film] are equally difficult to access when attempting to see/understand their embedded imagery, just as much as digital imagery is today. Both require some sort of middle machine to efficiently view the resulting captured-view.)


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Applevalley cactus.