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Because All of This Wind is Coming Off The Top of my Misshapen Head (by patowens)

Afghan Windmill > As shabby as it is beautiful, this windmill is a testimony both to Afghan ingenuity and indolence.

Ingenious because, when it works, it is a thing of beauty. Wonderful canvas sails that catch the mountain wind and playfully turn the center pole like a child's toy which, in turn, causes the huge stone wheel inside to rotate and crush the wheat beneath it.

And indolent because, this technology is 12 centuries old and, if these Afghan farmers were not so preoccupied with what is often considered extremely devious behavior, they might have left their medieval confines by now.

But they have not.

Travel a few kilometers outside of Kabul and this is what you will find. The architecture, and the mindset, of Alexander the Great. There are thousands of intelligent, well-intentioned Afghan men and women who want desperately to wrest their nation out of its feudal mindset. But there are many millions more men who prefer their "Wild West" reputation, their "baccha" in Dari Farsi.

And they want all these things, because they are promised them, in that ancient prescription for economic, moral and social decay, imbedded in the text of the Koran. And when these poor circumstances become the belief that God, or Allah has promised this, there is nothing that can undo the text.

"god cannot die, because grammar cannot die"

"deus sive natura"


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